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Six things to include in your wardrobe this season

Six things to include in your wardrobe this season

Six items you must have in your wardrobe this fall Dolman and kimono sleeves are the in thing this season. Pair these tops with skinny jeans or leggings. The contrast in sizes will add drama to the look Skinny jeans: even though fall styles include bell bottom, wide leg and flare jeans, skinnies are still […]

Money speaks: Five tips to a truly beautiful life

Money speaks: Five tips to a truly beautiful life

  Living a happy, beautiful life involves being able to cater for your physical, mental and spiritual needs. It also involves being focused and knowing how to set goals and ways to achieving them. Money cannot buy everything, but it can sure make your life comfortable. How do you ensure a great financial future?   […]

Fish oil: Explore the amazing benefits of Nature’s beauty pill

Fish oil is a truly amazing pill that makes you beautiful inside and on the outside. Omega 3 deficiency is the 6th biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than excess fat intake according to a recent study. ┬áThe study carried out by Harvard University researchers, jointly funded by the Center for Disease Control and […]

Weight loss. What works?

  Hi everyone, I’m writing this in response to requests from some of my followers, and I’m sure it would work well for everyone as well. A friend of mine once said ” I’m slim and graceful and forever would be”. It’s quite easy to say, unfortunately though, most of us are not blessed with […]

Refocus, De-stress, Re-energize.

Have you been stressed lately? Family or jobs demands getting to you? Manage your stress by doing these simple exercises Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart, placing your palms on your lower abdomen. Close your eyes and slowly inhale through your nose, gradually expanding your diaphragm. If you are breathing correctly, you will […]

There are three…

There are three categories of beauty. The beauty of angels, The beauty of nature, and the beauty of the woman. Celebrate the queen in you- Princess Zoe Mystery quote by Princess Zoe

Get that pouty look; Give your lips a treat

Get that pouty look; Give your lips a treat.