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Pamper yourself….Tips from a professional


imagesCAAIVRYFI’ll like to share a fewpampering tips with you. If you are a chick living in the suburbs, you’ll understand that living in the big city chasing the American dream, except in our case its Lagos or Abj or PH upperclass lifestyle can be strenous , time consuming and physically exhausting. We are all so very busy, busy, busy. Buzzing around like worker bees, attending to everyone else’s need except ours. It pays off though, as the cash keeps rolling in. I could use a liitle treat for myself, right? I sure deserve it. But the clause is: Everytime I wanna indulge myself, I tend to feel a little guilty; afraid that someone will think I’m being selfish by wanting to treat myself, spend quality time to boosting my own well being. Do you feel that way too sometimes, coz I sure do.

We need a break!!! Oh…

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