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Get that pouty look; Give your lips a treat


Lips are an obvious and important part of our physiology and unlike the rest of the skin, contain no sebaceous glands and therefore cannot moisturize themselves. Your lips are quite sensitive, so it’s important to keep them moisturized at all times.  Lips tissue can get damaged by heat, cold, smoking, beverages, herpes or other agents. But it’s quite important for lips to remain hydrated, sensual and attractive at all times.  So go on, apply these tips for fuller and sensual looking lips.


  • When venturing out in the sun, do not forget to apply a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher.


  • Thick Castor oil, an ingredient in lipstick can be applied straight from a bottle for a glossy look.


  • Cocoa butter is great for that moisturizing effect. Treat your lips to a chocolate flavored lip treat and keep your lips hydrated.  This is great for men and boys as it is colorless and not too shiny.


  • While brushing your teeth, brush your lips gently to remove chapping and dry cells.


  • Appling a lip balm all through the day will help prevent moisture loss and keep your lips supple and smooth.


  • Drink lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated.


  • Honey is a great humectants, it draws moisture from the air to your lips keeping your lips soft, plump and totally kissable.


  • A dab of vegetable glycerin mixed with Vitamin E or wheat germ oil also serves as an effective moisture barrier.

 my lips

So go on. Pucker up and have fun!


See videos of how to choose the best lipstick shades for your lips here.


One comment on “Get that pouty look; Give your lips a treat

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