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Money speaks: Five tips to a truly beautiful life


Living a happy, beautiful life involves being able to cater for your physical, mental and spiritual needs. It also involves being focused and knowing how to set goals and ways to achieving them. Money cannot buy everything, but it can sure make your life comfortable.

How do you ensure a great financial future?


  • Cultivate a good financial habit.  Good financial habits can help ensure a great financial future.


  • Set and maintain a budget. Set goals, create a budget, and keep track of what you spend. Do not overspend.


  • Start saving today. A sound saving plan can greatly reduce financial hassles and stress. It’s never too late to start saving, except you are close to your hundred, but even at that, someone will definitely benefit when you are gone. Pay yourself first; put the money into different accounts so it can build over time. The sooner you start saving, the better.


  • Set priorities; learn to differentiate between your wants and your needs. Be thrifty, you really don’t need every flashy item you find on the rack.


  • Give. It might sound absurd, but when you give, you receive back in multiple folds. What you sow, you reap. It’s a natural law. Sow plenty and prepare for a bountiful harvest.

Stay wealthy, stay beautiful. For more information about wealth building, check out the videos below.



One comment on “Money speaks: Five tips to a truly beautiful life

  1. Nice one really educative learnt a few tip thanks pls keep it up

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