Give yourself a pedicure

The next thing to a full body massage is a professional pedicure. Trust me, the procedure is very relaxing. If you can’t fit a visit to your local nail technician, then you have to go professional. Pamper those tootsies yourself.
Feet first
Set aside about an hour one evening per week to treat your feet. Surround yourself with all the necessary supplies so you don’t have to keep getting up and dripping water all over the house. Then follow these steps for smoother, more beautiful feet.
The feet are one of the most receptive parts of the body, and a footbath is often just as relaxing or stimulating as a full body bath. Add enough hot or cold water or herbal tea of your choice to cover your ankles, then a few drops of tea tree essential oil for a squirt of liquid soap or shower gel. Swish together. Soak your feet for about five to ten minutes to cleanse and soften calluses. Use this time to scrub your dirty toenails and soles using a toenail brush.
After soaking, gently remove calluses with a pediwand, rasp, or stone. File down any corns with an emery board or diamond file.
Dry your feet and legs when finished and remove any old, chipped nail polish using an oily, non acetone nail polish remover.
Time to exfoliate. Apply a mixture of one tablespoon each of salt and extra virgin olive oil plus five drops essential oil peppermint to your feet and lower legs. Massage in circular motions concentrating on your heels, ankles, and particularly rough, thickened areas. It will scrub off any leftover rough skin, and it feels and smells fantastic too. Rinse your feet and legs. Dry with a coarse towel.
Coax back with cuticles with an orange stick and trim ant that are ragged. Trim toenails straight across, rather than rounded at the corners so that the white free edges are almost even with the top of toe. File your toenails to smooth any ragged edges.
Apply foot lotion, oil, cream, and massage in thoroughly of two or three minutes on each foot.
If you’re polishing your toenails, apply nail polish remover now to remove all traces of lotion or cream. Dry the nails. Now slick on a base coat, then two coats of your favorite color, followed by a top coat-allow each coat to dry in between. There’s nothing like ten freshly painted, glossy, perfectly pedicured toes to pick you up and make you feel pretty.

After the polish dries, apply your favourite powder to your legs and feet, using a large puff or fluff brush to scent and prevent perspiration from taking a foothold.


2 comments on “Give yourself a pedicure

  1. Awesome awesome, I should try it sometime.
    Do all those lady like stuff and just relax in a different way
    I do give priority to caring for myself Spirit, soul & body
    Thank God no more weekend work.

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